Will Arnett goofing around with Jayma Mays during The Millers wrap party at Levis Haus in L.A.
Jayma Mays' Final Glee Season? on Chelsea Lately
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Jayma Mays on Chelsea Lately

Chelsea: So you play a mother on the show but you don’t have kids in real life, right?
Jayma: Not yet, no not yet.
Chelsea: Are you planning on starting a family with your brother?
Jayma: Yeah, yeah fingers crossed, fingers crossed!
Chelsea: Alright well let’s wait for you to win this award, and then you can start a family. And I’ll come over and yell at your baby, how does that sound?
Jayma: Fantastic! That’s great. I love this. So therapeutic.

"Jayma Mays (Emma)
Memorable moment: “For me, it’s always the pilot. It was all so fresh for all of us because we were meeting each other for the first time and learning about what the show was going to be. None of us knew if it would even hit the air at that point. That’s always the special episode in my mind.”
What’s next: Mays, whose CBS comedy The Millers was just renewed for a second season, says she contractually come back for one more episode this season. (Next year, however, is a bit less clear.) “I know she’s pregnant but I don’t know where they’re going to take that and if she’s going to have the baby this season or if it’s going to be next season,” she says, adding that she, too, has thought about what life would be like for Emma on the East Coast. “That would be the hardest thing in the world for Emma — I love New York, but there are some germs there! For her, that could be the biggest challenge of her life!”"