Someone posted this on Instagram but I’ve never seen it and can’t seem to figure out where it’s from, does anyone know?

Lovely Ladies| Jayma Mays
"I’m from a really really small town…and where I grew up we didn’t have any drama classes or acting classes. So for me the only thing I could do was perform Annie in my backyard with my cats"
Saw this on twitter but haven’t seen it on tumblr yet, credit to the owner!
Glee Cast (Acapella) Touch A Touch A Touch A Touch Me
Glee Cast (Acapella)
Touch A Touch A Touch A Touch Me



Touch-a Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me - Glee Cast (Acapella)

Jayma’s voice is sex just sayin’

I will reblog this every time it shows up on my dash. It is just…pure amazing

image« me, every time I listen to it.

Just bringing this on back because jayma holy yes

How did I find this? Who knows.
no im not OKAY I miss Emma Pillsbury so much nononono



THIS. I can relate to her character so much. 

“It’s been so long. I’m so tired.”

 The amount of times I have said that isn’t even funny. 

i’ve lost count at how many times i’ve reblogged this. <3

Just bringing this back because Jayma’s acting in this scene breaks my heart oh god